2013. június 7., péntek

I'm sure, you've heard it before.

please don't say we're done, when I'm not finished.. I could give so much more..
make you feel like never before, welcome, - they said welcome to the floor.
it's been a while and you've found someone better, but I've been waiting too long to give this up. the more I see, I understand, but sometimes I still need you
sometimes I still need you.... 
and I was struggling to get in left waiting outside your door.. I was sure..
you'd give me more. 
no need to come to me, when I can make it all the way to you. you made it clear, you weren't near.. near enough for me. 
heart skipped a beat,
and when I caught it you were out of reach.. but I'm sure,
I'm sure you've heard it before. 

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